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What is an 'Event' account?

EVENT accounts are limited accounts to allow network access for events, such as Sporting Events or Conferences. These accounts have a very short life time, only for the length of the event. They are not tied to a specific person, but require a Marist sponsor. One 'EVENT' account is shared among all attendees of the event/conference.

Why do I need an 'Event' account?

If you have an event that will last from 1 to 7 days, and the attendees will require access to the internet, you will want to create an 'Event' account. This account can be shared among all attendees of the event. Users can use this account to gain access to the internet to check their email, etc. If your event will last longer than 7 days, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.( 845-575-4357 (HELP))

Who can create 'Event' accounts?

Only Marist STAFF and FACULTY members can act as sponsors and create Event accounts.

What access does 'Event' accounts have?

Event accounts will have internet access to check email, etc.

Are computers available for use at Marist?

Currently, there are no computers available for event account use.

It is the responsibility of the event account user to ensure that their computer is in working order before bringing it to campus.  Information Technology will provide limited support through our Help Desk during normal business hours.

Can I create the Event account in advance?

Event accounts can be created 30 days before the event.

How long is the 'Event' account active?

The 'Event' account will expire the next morning (12:01am) after the last day of the event.

How do I create an 'Event' account?

By clicking the 'Create Event' button, you will be prompted to authenticate using your Marist username and password , if not already logged in. Click the 'Start Date' to select the start date of the event and the radio button to indicate the duration of the event (1 day, 5 days, 7 days). Select the type of event, ie., Sporting Event, Conference, Other. Enter the Location of the event and the reason for the event, then click the ‘Create Account' button. The 'Event' account is created. The 'Event' account and password will be displayed on the screen, as well as emailed to you, the Marist Sponsor and the Help Desk.

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