Joe Weglarz Executive Director of Student Financial Services
Mary Lou Kutchma Director of Student Financial Assistance
Lisa Boyes Director of Student Accounts
Marilyn Zeppetelli Manager of Systems & Data Operations
Tenisha Lane Senior Assistant Director of Student Financial Services
Karen Miller Assistant Director of Systems & Data Management
Tiffanie Karcher Assistant Director of Compliance and Analyst
Erica Leman Senior Assistant Director of Student Employment
Scott Khare Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Stefanie Cusano
Assistant Director of Student Accounts
Emma Woliver
Student Financial Services Coordinator
Cathy Ridgway
Loan Coordinator
Debra Gander Administrative Assistant
Sara Alsdorf Perkins Loan Assistant
Jaime Cocco-Simmons Financial Records Assistant
Jessica Marinan
Financial Records Assistant
Stephanie Velazquez Student Financial Services Assistant
Taylor Milliken Student Financial Services Assistant
Karen Wellwood  Student Financial Services Assistant
Dan Pafumi Temporary Student Financial Services Assistant