Phishing: Barracuda Email Filter Update

Spam is a problem! We all know that, but we would never send you a generic email asking our Marist community members to "register" for a new spam filtering service. Don't get fooled - click "Read more" to find out why this is phishing.

Phishing: your amazon account has been disabled

Your Amazon account has been disabled! You just have to click on the link and fill out a form. But would Amazon really ask for your credit card details and Social Security Number? Click "read more" to find out why this is a phishing message.

Phishing: [Internal] to

This is probably the most confusing email we've seen in awhile. It's "internal", the service is "Marist essentials", you can "deliver" messages, but here is the "message log".... The email is written this way on purpose. Click Read More to find out why!


You have a very important shared file from your director! This email is a valid Sharepoint notification that leads to a shared file, but the shared file then launches a Microsoft Form that asks for user credentials. This is a very common scam. Click Read More to see what the form looks like!

Phishing: Signed eServices Documents Arrived

You have eServices Document to review! The email looks like it is from Microsoft, but what exactly is eServices and why would anyone need to view messages through it? Be suspicious of any email naming a service you are not familiar with. Click "Read More" to see the whole email and the malicious login site that is trying to steal your credentials.

Phishing: Voicemail message (or Audio Transcript)

VERY IMPORTANT POST. Over the course of a few days, Marist College received many email messages that had HTML attachments. All the emails were phishing attempts and came in a few different formats and styles, Be sure to click "read more" to see three examples of these message and learn how to spot them in the future. Don't get caught by a phish!

Phishing: 1 New Document Received

You have a document from DocuSign! Just download the attachment and approve it. But wait - that's not how DocuSign works! Click "read more" to learn why this is a malicious phishing email.

Phishing: Your Storage is Close to Exceeding the Limit

Your mailbox is almost full! You just have to clear your cache to free up space. Really?! What exactly does that mean? Click "read more" to find out why this is a phishing message.


MARISTA COLLEGE is transitioning its O365 email to Outlook Web Access. But wait - what is "MARISTA"? Click "read more" to see the email message, phishing form, and information on how to spot malicious emails.

Phishing: Benefits Program for Employees

There is a new employee benefits program that gives you $5000! It's part of COVID relief. Or is it really? This is a phishing message that uses COVID-19 to try and lure you in. Don't fall for it! Click Read More to see the full message and the malicious website.