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Phishing: Maintenance status update

January 09, 2022
Your mailbox storage is almost full! Just click this link to login and adjust and maintain your inbox. Beware: this is a phishing attempt. If you click on the link and open the form, it will ask for your login and password, but this isn't a Marist College service - it is an attempt by cyber criminals to steal your password.
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Fraud: In_Voice (PayPal)

November 24, 2021
Invoice scams are common! This time it is a receipt from PayPal for a Cryptocurrency purchase. Don't be fooled: this are cybercriminals trying to steal money from you.
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Fraud: Security Alert (malicious website pop-up)

November 01, 2021
You see a pop-up saying the website you are visiting is "illegal" and your computer is infected with viruses. Helpfully, the pop-up includes a "scan" button. Don't click it! That will only lead to financial loss. Make sure to click "read more" and find out how this scam works.
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Fraud: thank you for shopping with us

October 28, 2021
Amazon got your order for a Mac Book Pro! The problem is that you never ordered it - the email has a number to call to resolve the issue. But beware - this is a fraudulent invoice and scammers are just trying to get your credit card information.
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Phishing: 14:30PM, 22 Oct 2021 (voicemail)

October 22, 2021
You have a new voicemail from the Marist "Tele-Mail" service! All you have to do is login to your Microsoft account to view it. Beware, this is not an actual Marist College voicemail notification, this is just an attempt to steal your Marist credentials with a phishing attempt. Don't fall for it! Click Read More for details.
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Phishing: Cyber Attacker shared "EVALUATION FORM" with you

September 21, 2021
Has Dr. Murray really shared a Microsoft OneDrive document with you? No! Cyberattackers often use completely valid file sharing services such as Microsoft OneDrive and Google Docs to make their emails look authentic. Don't be fooled! Click Read More to learn how this phishing attack works.
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Phishing: Password expires today 17-09-2021

September 17, 2021
Your password is expiring! You can keep it - but you have to a click a link and enter your credentials. But beware: Marist IT will never allow you to keep an expired password. This is a dangerous phishing attempt!
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Phishing: Document shared with you: "ASSESSMENT.docx"

September 08, 2021
This one is tricky - the email comes from Google Drive, and all the links in the email also go to Google (which is a completely valid service). However, using Google to share a file is just a new way to get you to click a phishing link - the file itself contains a link for credential harvesting. Always be wary of any unsolicited file shares!
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August 25, 2021
You receive an email from a Marist account announcing a part-time job opportunity. Be wary of any emails like these - unsolicited job offers are rarely valid and can often lead to financial loss. Make sure to click "read more" and find out how to spot these in the future!
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