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  • NOTE: Marist College reserves the right to block any email or attachment received by the college, if that email is deemed to be of a suspicious nature.  Our email firewall enables us to protect our email server from spam, viruses, spoofing, phishing, and spyware attacks or based on end user reports.

    If you receive notification from a sender that the email they attempted to send you was blocked, Marist College IT recommends you use the Marist IT Dropbox (https://dropbox.it.marist.edu) if you need to send/receive a document or file that is legitimate.  Blocked items include:
    - .DOCM (Macro-enabled Microsoft Word documents)
  • 09-02-2016: marist College has been informed that colleges and universities have received phishing emails created in a way that looks similar to a message from TIAA.  If you receive an email like this, please do not click on the link in the email.  For more information about this particular phishing scheme, as well as a sample of the email, we have provided a copy of an email from A. Harry Williams, Chief Technology Officer.
    - TIAA Phishing Scheme Email
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  • Phishing Email Scam Examples