Information Technology

WebEx at Marist

WebEx is available to Marist faculty and staff.  It can be used for standalone meetings or in collaboration with iLearn courses to enhance the learning environment.  WebEx can be found at:

Create an Account

  • To create an account, you will need your Marist account and password. 
  • Go to the upper right-hand corner of the page and click the Log In button.
  • Enter your Marist account and password, and click Login. This will create your account.  You will also follow this procedure to log in.
  • An email will be sent from WebEx confirming your account creation.
  • If you would like to integrate WebEx with your iLearn course, contact the Help Desk (x4357) for assistance.

Schedule a Meeting

  • To schedule a meeting, choose Meeting Center from the top menu.
  • On the left-hand side, choose Schedule a Meeting.
  • Fill out the meeting form, which includes Meeting topic, password to gain access to the meeting, date, time, length, and meeting attendees.
  • Here are some best practice tips for meetings using WebEx  - Best Practices.
    • The best practices guide also includes a link to a test meeting site.
  • Here is a Getting Started Guide for using Meetings - Marist WebEx Quick Start Guide

Attend a Meeting

There are two ways to attend a meeting:

  • When you are invited to a meeting, you receive an email from the meeting host.  In the email there is a link to the meeting.  You may simply click on that to gain access to the meeting.
  • You may also sign onto WebEx, and from the home page, enter the meeting link in the box and select the Join button.
  • This page also serves as your WebEx home page.

Need Assistance?

  • If you want more information on WebEx, you can view the New User Reference, found at:
  • If you need help with WebEx in iLearn, contact the Help Desk (x4357).
  • If you have any other issues outside of account creation and/or log in, go to Contact Us under Support on the left-hand side menu.
  • Please note, currently the Support Center and Training Center seen on the top menu of WebEx are not enabled.