Champagnat Hall

Champagnat Hall

Resident Director Tamer Janakat x3756 CH 105
ARDs Madison Colledge
Johnathan Clementi
7th Floor
7th Floor
Resident Assistant Office   x4875 CH 104
Resident Assistants Yasir Mahmood Butt 1st Floor
  Melissa Ryden 2nd Floor
  Alya Davis 3rd Floor
  Kathryn Rivera 4th Floor
  Grant Dixon 5th Floor
  Natalia Dobrenko 6th Floor
  Bradley Mobeck 8th Floor
  Olivia Cushman 9th Floor

Champagnat Hall Room 

Champagnat Hall Lounge

Champagnat Hall Dining Room

Champagnat Hall Floor PlanPDF

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Champagnat Hall is one of Marist's traditional residence halls and houses approximately 440 freshmen. There are 9 floors in this building, and it is equipped with two elevators as well and the two main sets of stairs. Residents live in double rooms.  Double rooms are furnished with two beds, two desks, and two dressers, as well as an in wall closet.  Laundry facilities are located on the ground floor of Champagnat Hall.  This residence hall is co-ed by floor in some areas and co-ed by wing in others with each wing on each floor having a shared bathroom with showers, lavatories, and sinks. Every other floor has a study lounge with couches, chairs, and a television. There is one RA per floor, and one RD for the entire building.

Entry into Champagnat Hall is done by swipe access through the main door to the residence hall. Each student must swipe his or her Marist ID card to get into the building.  From 3:00 PM to 7:00 AM a security officer is on duty at the check in desk at the main entry.  

Champagnat Hall quick facts:

  • Double occupancy rooms
  • Two wings on each floor
  • Twenty five students live on each wing and share a common bathroom
  • West wing overlooks the Hudson River
  • Common area lounges where students may watch TV, study, socialize, or planned activities
  • A full kitchen with a microwave and dining area on the first floor
  • Laundry facilities located in the building
  • Building is connected to the Student Center
  • One microwave per bedroom allowed (700 watt maximum)
  • Refrigerator allowed in bedroom (3.6 cubic ft maximum)
  • Students living in Champagnat are required to be on the Carte Blanche meal plan
  • 24 hour ID card access
  • Security officer monitors access to the building from 3:00 PM - 7:00 AM daily
  • Live in professional staff members (Resident Director, two First Year Coordinator, and two members of Campus Ministry)
  • Resident Assistant on every floor
  • Dry residence facility with no alcohol permitted
  • Smoke free residence area