Upper West Cedar Street Townhouses

upper west cedar

Resident Director Brittney Maxwell x5587 WU V5
Resident Assistants Danielle Blacker T-Block
  Melissa Ryden U-Block
  Marrisa Zuleta W-Block
  Robert Catalano Y-Block


Upper West Cedar Area LayoutPDF

Average House Floor Plan and MeasurementsPDF

Meal Plans Available

  • 4 double occupancy bedrooms, a living room, dining area, kitchen, and 2 bathrooms
  • Three to four bedrooms are upstairs, one bedroom is at ground level
  • Units are completely furnished, including curtains
  • Laundry room is located under the "V" Block
  • Air conditioned
  • The minimum dining plan that students in Upper West Cedar can choose is the Apartment 15 Meals + $150 Thrifty Cash
  • Residents are responsible for their own cooking as well as the cleaning of the townhouse
  • Two full sized refrigerators supplied by the college
  • Microwave permitted in kitchen area (700 watt maximum)
  • Refrigerator allowed in bedroom (3.6 cubic feet maximum)
  • Smoke free residence area

Also Available

  • T5, U5, W5, & X5 house 11 students in 4 double and 1 triple occupancy rooms
  • Houses with triples in the A room: T01-A, T03-A, T05-A U01-A, U03-A, U05-A, V01-A, V03-A, W01-A, W03-A, W05-A, X01-A, X03-A, X05-A Y01-A, Y03-A, Y05-A
  • V5 houses 4 students in 2 double occupancy rooms
  • Each has a kitchen, dining area, living room, T5, U5, W5, & X5 have 2 bathrooms, and V5 has 1 bathroom
  • "V" Block houses a fitness center, a big screen TV and 3 common computers
  • Houses/rooms with handicap accessibility T01-D, T03-D, T05-E U01-D, U03-D, U05-E, V01-D, V03-D, W01-E, W03-D, W05-E, X01-D, X03-D, X05-D Y01-D, Y03-D. (V5-A & B have limited handicap accessibility)