Phishing: Cyber Attacker shared "EVALUATION FORM" with you

Has Dr. Murray really shared a Microsoft OneDrive document with you? No! Cyberattackers often use completely valid file sharing services such as Microsoft OneDrive and Google Docs to make their emails look authentic. Don't be fooled! Click Read More to learn how this phishing attack works.

Phishing: Password expires today 17-09-2021

Your password is expiring! You can keep it - but you have to a click a link and enter your credentials. But beware: Marist IT will never allow you to keep an expired password. This is a dangerous phishing attempt!

Phishing: Document shared with you: "ASSESSMENT.docx"

This one is tricky - the email comes from Google Drive, and all the links in the email also go to Google (which is a completely valid service). However, using Google to share a file is just a new way to get you to click a phishing link - the file itself contains a link for credential harvesting. Always be wary of any unsolicited file shares!


You receive an email from a Marist account announcing a part-time job opportunity. Be wary of any emails like these - unsolicited job offers are rarely valid and can often lead to financial loss. Make sure to click "read more" and find out how to spot these in the future!

Fraud: Order

Another invoice scam! This one tries to look like a McAfee subscription. Don't be fooled - these scammers are trying to get your credit card number. Read more to find out how!

Fraud: In_Voice

We have seen variations of this one before - an email shows up in your inbox claiming that you have an invoice and the company will automatically pay it. They provide a helpful number to call! But beware, that number only leads to cyber criminals who are trying to steal money from you.

Phishing: invoice from DocuSign Signature Service

You have received a document to sign! This email looks like it is from DocuSign, a common platform for signing electronic documents. Don't get hooked - this is just another phishing attempt.

Welcome back!

We are so happy to welcome everyone back to the Marist College campus for the Fall, 2021 semester. A special welcome goes out to the Class of 2025! Here at Gone Phishing we care about the security of all electronic information, both business and personal. Click Read More for a special message about the unique cybersecurity threats that can emerge as the semester gets under way.

Phishing: Last Warning - synchronize with out security protocols

This message looks like it is from Marist and has small details such as the recipient's name and email address. They use a sense of urgency to trick people into clicking. Don't get hooked! Find out how to spot these and other malicious emails.

Phishing: (9) messages are on pending

You have 9 messages pending! This is a phishing attempt, similar to others that claim there are email messages in quarantine. Click "read more" to see additional details and see why this is a phishing message.