Academic Technology

The Marist College Academic Technology group promotes and supports technology-enabled learning, with a dynamic and interdisciplinary team of people and a broad range of services:

  •  Collaboration and active learning

Through constant research and filtering, AT&e uncovers new technology coming down the pike, that may be applied to education. It is our job to delve into the possibilities of how it can be integrated into on-line, hybrid and face to face classes and then develop and teach these new processes to the faculty. We offer trainings in partnership with the Center for Teaching Excellence.

CTE Workshops

  •   Provide on location training with iTeam

The Office of Academic Technology & eLearning working in conjunction with the Marist College Help Desk joined to create iTeam (Innovative Technology Education Around Marist). The goal of iTeam is to assist faculty in their offices with short bursts of training, helping to maintain a basic understanding of iLearn, as well as encourage innovative use of iLearn’s more sophisticated course tools.

  •   Research the most innovative emerging technologies available in the fields of teaching and learning

Recently the Office of Academic Technology has received a Next Generation Learning Challenges grant of $250,000 to support the Open Academic Analytics initiative, (OAAI). This highly selective grant program, supported by EDUCAUSE and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is focused on leveraging learning technologies to improve college readiness and completion.

  • Marist College develops all online courses for the campus and external partnerships using Sakai

 A number of strategic relationships with corporate and other non-profit institutions have engaged the Marist College Academic Technology group in exciting projects such as research on new communication tools, an extensive Digital Archive in collaboration with the FDR Library, and integration of distance learning with new digital library technology (IBM/Marist Joint Study). 

  • Academic Technology publishes a quarterly newsletter to keep the faculty abreast of news from our department and news bites from world of Academic Technology in general. Please review our Spring 2015 Newsletter for important information regarding upcoming changes to iLearn and other news from our office!


Touch the

Simple. Clear. Easy. T3

Touch the Technology (or T3 for short) is a simple, clear and easy way for prospective students to try Marist College's iLearn Course System, for free. T3 is geared towards the Marist iLearn newcomer or to those unfamiliar with the online course delivery system and displays how easy it is to use iLearn. 

  Try Touch the Technology 

We are pleased to share with you some of the writings and presentations that our staff has been busy producing in the past academic year:


Dr. Laurel Kessler-Quinones
Assistant Director of Academic Technology & eLearning

Corri Nicoletti
Educational Technology Specialist of Academic Technology & eLearning

Luisa Li
Instructional Designer of Academic Technology & eLearning