Foxmail and Foxmail 2

Foxmail and Foxmail 2 are web-based email systems, similar to Hotmail and Yahoo, that are provided for all Marist students, faculty and staff. Access to them is based on your official Marist computer account. A unique account is assigned to all students, faculty and staff when they enter Marist, and it will exist as long as you remain with the college.

Please call the Help Desk at 845-575-4357 (HELP) to obtain a temporary password which will allow you to change it.

1. Logging On

Logon to Foxmail or Foxmail 2 as specified by your Marist Information Technology account letter. For Foxmail, go to . For Foxmail 2, go to . Call the Help Desk if you do not know which system your email account is created on. Initial or Temporary passwords MUST be changed before logging on. Select the Change/update password link found on the logon page.

foxmail foxmail2


Enter the required information.

2. Navigation

In order to jump to other features in Foxmail, use the navigation buttons along the top of your screen.


3. Reading Mail

Once you log in you will be immediately brought to the INBOX view where you can see all new mail received. To read a specific mail message, position your mouse over the message you'd like to view and click.

By clicking on a specific message in your inbox you are brought to the following view. From here you have numerous options one would expect from a well-developed email system.


4. Replying To Mail

When you click Reply to respond to a mail message, the following window will appear.


Notice that a reply will include the text of the original message.

Other features available when replying or composing a mail message include Spell Check and Attachment.

5. Folders

The use of folders helps organize large amounts of incoming mail and provides you with the means to find those important emails quickly when they are needed the most.

By clicking on the Folders button on the navigation menu, users will have the ability to Create folders, Rename existing.

6. Signature Files

As you would expect from any email system, a signature file is included with Foxmail. Signature files are a few lines of text that the system will automatically include at the end of your email. Most people use signature files to state their Full Name and other contact information but it is not required.

In order to edit your signature file, click on the Options button at the top of your screen, the click "Personal Information" under the "Your Information" section. Choose the identity you'd like to edit and edit your signature.


Mickey Mouse

Main Mouse

Disney World

Orlando, FL 00000-0000


7. Address Book

This is an electronic address book that can be accessed anytime from any machine as long as the machine can access the web. Entries made in this address book are NOT linked to any other contact list. (Example: If you use a Notes client, any contacts made through the Foxmail contact list will not appear on the Notes Client.)

To access your Address Book, click on the Address Book button on the top of your screen. From here you can search your address book for a contact as well as browse and add contacts to your address book using the buttons along the top of your screen.

To use your contact list, Compose a new message.

NOTE: These are the main features of our new email system. If you should need any assistance after reading these instructions, please contact the Helpdesk at ext. 4357 or at