Campus Wide Identification (CWID) Project

This past summer, the College began work on a project to phase in a new campus wide identification system (CWID) for students, faculty, and staff. The key objective of this initiative is to eliminate the use of the Social Security Number (SSN) as an individual identifier in the College's administrative systems. Once implemented, this new system will greatly increase protection against identify theft and enhance individual privacy.

It is important to keep in mind that even after the CWID project is completed, the College cannot completely eliminate the use of SSNs as an identifier. We will still be required to collect SSNs to comply with federal and state reporting requirements (e.g. payroll taxes, student financial assistance, etc.). In those limited instances in which the collection and use of SSNs are still required, the College will ensure that stringent protection measures are put into place and followed.


December 2006

The Administrative System used by the College to store student grades, classes, housing, billing, etc., was converted to CWID. This new number is a new 8 digit number. Students can learn their CWID number by signing onto Student Self Services on the Web, which will display students' CWID number. When students of the College communicate with the offices of Registrar, Student Financial Services, Advising, Housing, etc., they can now use their new CWID.

January 2007

The system used to capture and store priority points for student housing has been converted to CWID. Resident students will use their new CWID at events that accumulate priority points for housing.

March 2007

Human Resource System (HRS)

The Administrative System used by the College for employee records was converted to CWID. If you are an employee of the college, your timesheet now prints CWID.

Parking Permit Application

The computer system used by Marist Security to register your vehicle for on-campus parking has been converted from SSN to CWID.

Incident Reporting Application

The computer system used by Marist Security to record incidents which occur on campus has been converted from SSN to CWID.

Summer 2007

A new Marist ID card will be processed and printed. Students will be issued new cards upon their return to campus in the Fall 2007. Graduating seniors will not receive a new card. Employees of the College will be issued new cards late Summer 2007. Check here over the summer 2007 for detailed distribution schedule.