Juris Pupcenoks

Juris Pupcenoks


Juris Pupcenoks is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Marist College. He is the recipient of the Student Government Association’s School of Liberal Arts Faculty Member of the Year Award (2020). He is a former Fellow at Bard College, and a former Chair of the Distinguished Book Committee for the Ethnicity, Nationalism and Migration Studies Section of the International Studies Association. He teaches courses on international relations and international law (including Model United Nations), Europe, foreign policy, and global security politics.  

Dr. Juris has conducted field research in the United Kingdom, Italy, and the US, and published in journals including International Interactions, Nationalities Papers, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, Middle East Journal, and Muslim Minority Affairs. His monograph Western Muslims and Conflicts Abroad was published by Routledge in 2016. He is fluent in Latvian and Russian, knows some French, and is currently learning Mandarin Chinese.


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Juris Pupcenoks

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