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Juris Pupcenoks

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Juris Pupcenoks is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Marist College. He is the recipient of the Student Government Association’s School of Liberal Arts Faculty Member of the Year Award (2020). He is a former Fellow at Bard College, and a former Chair of the Distinguished Book Committee for the Ethnicity, Nationalism and Migration Studies Section of the International Studies Association. He teaches courses on international relations and international law (including Model United Nations), Europe, foreign policy, and global security politics.  

Dr. Juris has conducted field research in the United Kingdom, Italy, and the US, and published in journals including International Interactions, Nationalities Papers, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, Middle East Journal, and Muslim Minority Affairs. His monograph Western Muslims and Conflicts Abroad was published by Routledge in 2016. He is fluent in Latvian and Russian, knows some French, and is currently learning Mandarin Chinese.


BA in Political Science and International Studies, Westminster College (MO)
PhD, MA in Political Science, University of Delaware 

Research Interests/Areas of Focus

Conflict Spillover, Migration and Ethnic Politics, International Security, Causes of Political Violence, Muslims in the West, Transatlantic Relations, Humanitarian Intervention

Selected Publications


Pupcenoks, J. 2016. Western Muslims and Conflicts Abroad: Conflict Spillovers to Diasporas. New York: Routledge

Journal Articles & Book Chapters

Pupcenoks, J., Rostoks, T., and Mierina, I. 2023 (forthcoming). “Microfoundations of Threat and Security in Ethnically Diverse States: Lessons from Russia’s ‘Near Abroad.’” Nationalities Papers.

Ji, Q., Pupcenoks, J. 2022.  “Ideology Matters: The Influence of Competing Message Framings on Public Attitudes toward Humanitarian Interventions.” International Journal of Press/Politics. DOI:

Pupcenoks, J., and Klein, G.R. 2022. “First Georgia, Then Ukraine: How Russian Propaganda Justifies Invasions,” Ethics & International Affairs. Online Exclusive,

Pupcenoks, J., Grillo, M., Ji, Q. 2022. “Haters Gonna Hate: How Symbolic & Psychological Variables Explain Attitudes towards Immigrants.” International Journal of Minority and Group Rights 29: 63-86. 

Pupcenoks, J. 2021. “The Difficulties of Italian Muslim Political Mobilization: Anti-Muslim Sentiment and Internal Fragmentation.” Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 41(2): 233-249. 

Pupcenoks, J. 2021. “America, India & Military Humanitarian Intervention.” In Indo-US Relations: In the Changing World Order. Dhaliwal, S., ed. Routledge 2020. 

Pupcenoks, J., and Seltzer, E. 2020. “Russian Strategic Narratives on R2P in the ‘Near Abroad.’” Nationalities Papers. Doi:10.1017/nps.2020.54

Grillo, M., Pupcenoks, J., Lyle, K. 2018. "Handedness and the Neurocognitive Foundations of Public Attitudes about International Laws and Norms." Politics and the Life Sciences 37(1): 1-15

Grillo, M., Pupcenoks, J. 2017. "Let's Intervene! But Only if They're Like Us: The Effects of Group Dynamics and Emotion on the Willingness to Support Humanitarian Intervention."  International Interactions 43(2): 349-374

Pupcenoks, J., Senzai, F. 2016. "Political Participation of American Muslims in Detroit." In Minority Voting in the United States. Kreider, K.L, Baldino, T. J., eds. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger: 179-201

Pupcenoks, J., McCabe R. 2013. "The Rise of the Fringe: Right Wing Populists, Islamists, and Politics in the United Kingdom."  (pdf). Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 33(2): 171-184

Pupcenoks, J. 2012. "Religion or Ethnicity? Middle Eastern Conflicts and American Arab-Muslim Protest Politics." (pdf). Nationalism and Ethnic Politics 18(2): 170-192

Pupcenoks, J. 2012."Democratic Islamization in Pakistan and Turkey: Lessons for the Post-Arab Spring Muslim World." (pdf) Middle East Journal 66(2): 273-289; 2014. Translated in Turkish and republished as "Pakistan ve Turkiye'de Demokratik Islamlasma: Arap Bahari Ertesinde Islam Dunyasi Icin Cikartilacak Dersler," In Hazirlayan, Yayina; M. Akif Kirecci (ed), Arap Bahari ve Turkiye Modeli Tartismalari, Ankara, Turkey: ASEM (The Ankara Center for Political and Economic Research): 67-90

Book Reviews

Book Review of Brian R. Calfano, and Nazita Lajevardi, eds., Understanding Muslim Political Life in America: Contested Citizenship in the Twenty-First Century. Journal of Race, Ethnicity and Politics. DOI:

Book Review (in Latvian) of Dace Dzenovska, School of Europeanness: Tolerance and other Lessons in Political Liberalism in Latvia. Akademiska Dzive. DOI:

Book Review of Amaney Jamal, and Nadine Naber, eds., Race and Arab Americans Before and After 9/11. International Migration Review 45(1): 210-212, 2011

Book Review of Terri Givens, Gary P. Freeman, and David L. Leal, eds., Immigration Policy and Security. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 36(7): 1194-1195, 20

Select Professional Publications

Pupcenoks, J. 2022. “Humanitara Intervence” (Humanitarian Intervention). Latvian National Encyclopedia, Latvian National Library. Available at:

Pupcenoks, J. 2022.  “Decrying Nazism – Even when It’s not There – Has been Russia's ‘Invade Country for Free’ Card.” The Conversation, July 14. Available at:  

Pupcenoks, J., and Klein, G.R. 2022. “Using Lies and Disinformation, Putin and His Team Have Been Building the Case for a Ukraine Invasion for 14 Years.” The Conversation, April 5. Available at: (Top most read article on the Conversation during the first week of publication)

Pupcenoks, J. 2017. "Strife Abroad, Responses at Home: Muslims in the West and Conflict Spillover." Migration Information Source, May.

Pupcenoks, J. 2010. Muslim Migrant Impact on the European Security Agenda: Lessons from Germany, France and the UK. Monograph. ISBN: 3639280296. Saarbrucken, Germany: VDM Verla

Selected Presentations

American Political Science Association’s Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada, 2022

Association for the Study of Nationalities, Columbia University, Online, 2022

International Studies Association’s Annual Convention, Nashville, TN, 2022

American Political Science Association’s Annual Meeting, Online, 2021

International Studies Association's Annual Convention, Online, 2021 

American Political Science Association’s Annual Meeting, Online, 2020

Pan-European Conference on International Relations, University of Sofia, Bulgaria, 2019 

Association for the Study of Nationalities, Columbia University, NYC, 2019 

International Studies Association’s Annual Convention, Toronto, Canada, 2019 

European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR), Hamburg, Germany, 2018

International Studies Association’s Annual Convention, San Francisco, 2018

Pan-European Conference on International Relations, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain, 2017

12th Conference of the Baltic Studies in Europe, U. of Latvia, Riga, 2017

Association for the Study of Nationalities Conference, Columbia University, NYC, 2017

International Studies Association’s Annual Convention, Baltimore, MD, 2017

International Studies Association-West, Pasadena, CA, 2016

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