Living and Working in the Capital Region

While Albany's political and governmental importance to New York State and to
the rest of the nation is well known, the Capital District region boasts a rich
array of options for civic engagement, cultural enrichment, and outdoor
activity. Historical sites such as the New York State Museum (above) and the
restored World War II destroyer escort, the U.S.S. Slater (below, right), offer internship
opportunities as well as insights into key moments in the country's history.

aie  As a city, Albany combines a vibrant arts
  community with proximity to areas of great
  natural beauty, such as the Adirondack Park
  (below, left). To help students make the most
  of these opportunities, ASIP provides housing
  in a single convenient location with easy access
  to parking and to public transportation. An 
  orientation familiarizes newly arrived students
  with the area's many sites of interest.

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