Language Event Features Faculty & Student Innovation

 On Saturday, March 7, the College hosted "Cracking the Common Core Code for World
 Languages," a conference sponsored by the Association of Language Teachers of Orange,
 Ulster, Dutchess, and Surrounding Counties (ALOUD) and the New York State Association
 of Foreign Language Teachers.This marked the second consecutive year the College has
 hosted the gathering. Associate Professor of Spanish Kevin Gaugler delivered one of the
 conference's keynote lectures, entitled "Teaching Languages in a Digital Age: The Case
 for Technology and Relevancy."

 Other presentations of innovative approaches to language education were delivered by
 17 Marist undergraduates in a "World Language Showcase on 21st Century Skills." The
 Student Center resounded with lively discussion among educators as students presented
 new approaches to developing crucial skills including "Critical Thinking and Problem Solving"
 (Krista Rivera '16), "Communication" (Anthony Galazzo '15), "Social and Cross-Cultural Skills"
 (Allison Castillo '18), and "Leadership and Responsibility" (Jaime Rodriguez-Novas '17).
 work explores the new frontiers of language education opened up by technological
 change, a key area of investigation for many students and faculty in the Department of
 Modern Languages & Cultures.