2017 Tarver Intern: Diana Carballo Chanfón '18

civic engagement


Major: Political Science

Minors: History, Global Studies

Hometown: Coyoacán, Mexico City

Placement: Rural and Migrant Ministry


A brief description of my organization: “Within the Rural and Migrant Ministry, there are various educational programs. I work in Adelante Student Voices, which is a safe space for undocumented students who want to pursue a collegiate education.”

My role at the organization: “I was part of the planning committee for a 10-day program with undocumented students of rural New York and 3 days of staff orientation with 5 counselors. I was a counselor during the summer session, where I helped students explore their opportunities and challenges in achieving and affording higher education. I led discussions about self-advocacy, legal avenues, and policy change. After the summer session ended, I focused on program assessment and processed all the notes and evaluations to create an operations manual that will help Adelante grow and have more impact in the future, since it is only the second year of existence.”

How Tarver is important to my future endeavors: “It helped me explore my leadership, organizational, and planning skills outside of a sports or school setting. It was amazing getting to know people from this community and helping to empower the young students to achieve their dreams. Whatever it is that I end up doing, I will always look back at my Tarver Internship as the summer that opened my eyes to the realities of the undocumented youth of rural New York.”