Historian's Lecture to Explore Afro-Cubal Racial Politics

On Thursday, November 14, historian Alejandro de la Fuente will present a talk entitled "The New Afro-Cuban
Cultural Movement."

Professor de la Fuente is the Robert Woods Bliss Professor of Latin American History and Economics, Professor of
African and African American Studies, and Director of the Center for Afro-Latin American Studies at Harvard University.
His talk will center on the ways many Afro-Cubans have, in the last two decades, begun to denounce racial discrimination
and other racist behavior on the island given an official ethos that denounces any discussion of race as itself divisive and
racist. The talk will also shed light on debates and tensions within our own societyregarding the appropriateness or
necessity of discussing race.

Everyone is welcome to the lecture, which will take place at 5:00 p.m. in the Henry Hudson Room of Fontaine Hall.