Intern Profile: Leah Butterwick

Leah completed an internship abroad with The Poetry Society, a century-old poetry institution based in London, England. She learned about the internship from her study abroad internship coordinator. Leah submitted her résumé and her portfolio, and later, interviewed for the position while in London. During the seven-week period, Leah performed administrative duties, edited The Society’s website, and compiled research and survey information. She also worked on The Society’s magazine, The Poetry Review, and coordinated Society-based events.

After taking two Marist courses, in particular, Leah felt prepared to perform her internship duties. While Grammar, Style, and Editing helped her to hone professional writing skills, Creative Writing allowed Leah to discover her interest in poetry and British authors. Through her internship duties, Leah improved her people skills, learned how to work in a new cultural environment and appreciate cultural diversity, and understood that it was acceptable to make mistakes. She even had the honor of meeting the UK Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, at the prestigious National Poetry Competition, amongst other literary figures.