Global Experiences


International study is an integral part of the English Department's culture. A majority of our majors
take part in Marist Abroad' experiences, such the Freshman Florence Experience,
a short-term program such as Shakespeare in London, or a semester-long sojourn in Florence,
New Zealand, Spain, London, or another destination. Many students complete internships during
their time abroad, gaining valuable professional experience as well as a distinctive perspective
on life "on the ground" in the host country.

These experiences provide insight to students' coursework on the home campus as well. Class
discussions in a British Modernism course, for example, are often informed by students' encounters with the
art, literature, and architecture of the United Kingdom. Writing workshops often feature students'
reflections on the process of travel and the way it has changed their sense of "home." A faculty
member teaching the History of the English Language enjoys the luxury of drawing upon various
students' knowledge of Spanish, German, or Greek.

Both drawing upon previous international experience and seeking to gain more, English majors have
won numerous competitive awards, including the Fulbright Fellowship. Faculty work closely with
students to ensure that their international study serves them not as a tourist experience, but as a
vital step in their personal, professional, and creative development.

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