Nick Sweeney '11,
Publisher, former English major

"Bar Giamaica, 1959-1960"
by Charles Wright

I'm going to share a poem I remember from my class with Dr. Lea Graham. She shared "Bar Giamaica, 1959-1960" in Introduction to Creative Writing and I think I'm a better writer, and person, for it. Well, it made me a better person. I recently found my copied scan of that poem and I instantly remembered the late-night bull sessions after workshop, the post-reading conversations in the Henry Hudson Room, and every time we had a fire alarm during a Tom Goldpaugh lecture. I also found, and will not post, an imitation of that poem that included so many of my classmates. Looking back, I essentially swapped in the names and replaced the Italian cafe with Fontaine Hall. Whatever -- I liked it then and I like it now. I read it now and again to remind me of how lucky I was to spend four years at Marist.