Name: Dr. Kevin M. Gaugler
Title: Associate Professor of Spanish
Office Location: Fontaine 312
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 7602
Personal Web Page:
Degrees Held: B.A. Assumption College
M.A. University of Connecticut, Storrs
Ph.D. University of Connecticut, Storrs

Bio: Dr. Kevin Gaugler is an Associate Professor of Spanish at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY and teaches a variety of courses on Spanish language, literature, culture and film. During his tenure at Marist College, he participated in a technology initiative supported by the Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education (FIPSE) in order to develop simultaneously students' media literacy and Spanish language skills. As result of this initiative he developed a course entitled "Spanish and Technology", which he has been teaching since 2001.

In 2006 Dr. Gaugler spearheaded a unique initiative at the college called Identity Quest, equipping students abroad with digital recording devices and iPods in order to gather, share and synthesize global perspectives on a variety of topics. Campus Technology Magazine awarded the IdentityQuest project its Campus Technology Innovators Award in 2006 and it has been featured in the press, including National Public Radio's The Best of Our Knowledge.

Dr. Gaugler is the 2010 recipient of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)/Cengage Learning Faculty Development Award for Excellence in Foreign Language Instruction Using Technology with IALLT (International Association of Language Learning Technology). The ACTFL/Faculty Development Programs of Cengage Learning Awards constitute one of the highest honors which recognize excellence in the integration and use of technology in foreign language instruction at the post-secondary level.

Dr. Gaugler has presented his unique pedagogical approaches integrating technology at numerous conferences and invited speaking engagements throughout the United States. He continues to work with his colleagues to leverage emerging technologies in order to build unique learning opportunities that prepare our students for the challenges of the 21st century.

Publications: Apr 2006 “Theatrical Heterotopics in Martín Gaite's Backroom,” International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 3 Jan 2005 “Theatrical Space and Social Change in Carlos Saura’s Los ojos vendados (1978),” Ciberletras, A Journal of Literary Criticism and Culture, Volume 12 May 2004 "Images of Nonsense and the Unknown in Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón’s Sonámbulos," Cine-Lit V May 2003 The Novel that had no Navel: Histrionic Insurrections and Utopic Inventions in Álvaro Cunqueiro’s Un hombre que se parecía a Orestes,” Cincinnati Romance Review World A.T. Ways Blog
Presentations: Recent Talks Apr 2, 2011 "The Math Connection: Numbers, Languages and Assessment with Web 2.0" NECFL conference, Baltimore, MD Apr 2, 2011 "What you can learn (and use) from Google Labs", with Barbara Lindsey, NECFL conference, Baltimore, MD March 7, 2011 "Charting New Courses with the ACTFL World Languages 21st Century Skills Map", Dept of Languages and Literatures, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN Nov 20, 2010 "SpanTech: Exploring New Curricular Models for the 21st Century", ACTFL Conference, Boston, MA April 9, 2010 Teaching in Thirdspace: Emerging Territories for Language Education, plenary session for MALLT-SEALLT Conference, Georgetown University, Washington DC Mar 27, 2010 "Beyond PowerPoint: Next-Gen Presentation Tools and Practices", with Barbara Lindsey, Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. New York, NY Nov 21, 2009 "The Technology of Classroom 007: Mobile Computing and Language Instruction", ACTFL Conference, San Diego, CA Apr 17, 2009 “Online Language Exchanges: A Macro and Micro Approach", co-presentation with Ellen Woodward, Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, New York, NY Nov 21, 2008 "An Introduction to Language Learning with the New Web", with Barbara Lindsey for Cengage Learning at ACTFL May 6, 2008 "Inverse Distance Learning and IdentityQuests", with Kristin Bayer and Shawn Sheih, INNOVATIONS: Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference, Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY May 6, 2008 "Leveraging Web 2.0 for Instruction," with Brett Phares and Mark VanDyke, INNOVATIONS: Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference, Marist College Apr 4, 2008 "World/Web2.0 How Mass Collaboration Changes Education", invited lecture for New Paltz Public Schools, New Paltz, NY Mar 29, 2008 “Language Learning for the Increasingly Global and Wired Workplace”, Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, New York, NY Mar 28, 2008 “What's the Cutting Edge of Technology for Language Learning and the iGeneration?”, with Felix Kronenberg and Mike Ledgerwood at Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, New York, NY Mar 22, 2008 “Computer-Assisted Study Abroad: Empowering Students with Web 2.0”, with Duleep Deosthale at the Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium, San Francisco, CA Dec 4, 2007 "Teaching Media Literacy for the Global Workplace: With or Without Sakai", 8th Sakai Conference, Newport Beach, CA Nov 18, 2007 “Culture by Design: Building Bridges with Web 2.0”, with Barbara Lindsey and Manuela Wagner, ACTFL Conference, San Antonio, TX Jun 23, 2007 "Adding Relevance to Language Proficiency in a Flat World", International Association of Language Learning and Technology Conference, Tufts University, Boston, MA Jun 23, 2007 "The Chicken Bus crosses the Digital Divide: Providing Foreign Language Tutors from Latin America to US Universities over the Internet", with Peter Spevacek and Amarildo Bal, International Association of Language Learning and Technology Conference, Tufts University, Boston, MA Mar 23, 2007 “The Communicative Approach for a Flat World”, National World Languages Conference, invited lecture for Thomson Publishers, Las Vegas, NV Feb 27, 2007 “Podcasting in and Beyond the Classroom: An Educator's Notes from the Field”, Make the Connection: iPods and Podcasting in World Languages and ESOL Seminar invited lecture for APPLE Inc and ACES, North Haven, CT Nov 18, 2006 “Learner Autonomy and Community Building through Podcasts and VoIP” with Barbara Lindsey and Manuela Wagner, ACTFL Conference, Nashville, TN Nov 9, 2006 “Pods & Blogs: The Future Communications of Study Abroad” with Deborah Morrison, Claudio Gonzalez-Chiaramonte and Kim Griffin, CIEE Conference, Seville, Spain Oct 27, 2006 “Broadband and a Chicken Bus: Computer-Mediated Language Tutoring in a Flat World” with Peter Spevacek Northeast Regional Conference on Language Learning and Technology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA Oct 20, 2006 “L2.0: Second Language Acquisition in a Flat World” invited lecture for Columbia University, Language Resource Center, New York, NY Apr 21, 2006 “Teaching Second Language Media Literacy” invited lecture for Yale University, Center of Language Studies, New Haven, CT Apr 12, 2006 “Can I GOOGLE a Ñ? Addressing Second Language Electronic Literacy” invited lecture for Union College, Center of Converging Technology, Schenectady, NY Mar 22, 2006 “Free and Easy Computer-Assisted Language Learning” invited lecture for Brown University, Language Resource Center, Providence, RI
Miscellaneous: Recent Press "A MultiFaceted Path", Huffington Post The Best of our Knowledge, National Public Radio KETV Channel 7: Omaha, NE Interlangua Diverse: Issues in Higher Education (September 21, 2006) Campus Technology Magazine Diverse: Issues in Higher Education (March 9, 2006)