Name: Dr. Claire Keith
Title: Associate Professor of French; Coordinator of French Studies & Global Studies.
Office Location: Fontaine 229
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 2267
Degrees Held:

Ph.D. French Literature, City University of New York

Awards & Honors:

2000-2004 Federal FIPSE grant  ($250 000).  Project: "From High-School to College and Beyond: A Technology-Supported Mentoring Project in Foreign Languages and Foreign Cultures Instruction"


 "Pilgrims in a Toxic Land: Writing the Trenches of the Great War". (French Literature Series, vol. XXXIX.  2012, Rodopi. New York) .  - "La mission tourna mal: un ethnographe écrit sa guerre" (Nouvelles Etudes Francophones, Fall 2009) - " 'L'Usage du monde' and its usages" (Dalhousie French Studies,Vol.86, Spring 2009) - "Below Deck: Women Travelers in O'Brian's Navy" (Astrolabe, Paris Sorbonne, Vol.21,Fall 2008)

Research Interests:

Relation between literature and historiography. Theory & pedagogy of globalization.  French Cultural Studies. All aspects of travel literature. Ecocriticism. Technology in Modern Languages & Cultures pedagogy.

Conferences & Workshops:

   “Enseigner la francophonie malgré ou avec Google Translate? ” May 24, 2016, CIEF 2016, Dakar (Senegal).. “Routes croisées: Énard, Majdalani, Meyer, Muhidine” June 10, 2015, CIEF 2015, Winnipeg.   "L'apprentissage du français devient-il multilingue?"  128th MLA Annual Convention,Boston, 5-8 January 2013.    - " Le voyage francophone en 2012 : écrivains, lecteurs, critiques " 26th International Conference of CIEF. Thessaloniki, Greece,10-16 june 2012 - "Language vs lingua Franca: the case of French Studies" & Panel Chair for "What is the future of French in French Studies?", 127th MLA Annual Convention,Seattle, 4-8 January 2012 - "Pilgrims in a Toxic Land: French Testimonial Literature of the Great War", 39th French Literature Conference. University of South Carolina, Columbia, March 17-18 2011. - "Repenser les études francophones", 24nd International Conference of the C.I.E.F , Montreal, July 2010 - "If Faculty Are Running It, Is It a Lab?" NERALLT Spring 2009 Conference "Looking Back, Looking Forward". Trinity College, Hartford, CT, April 24, 2009. - "Le Guide du Routard: A Claim for a 'Voyage-monde'?" (conference "Littérature-monde: New Wave or New Hype?" Winthrop-King Institute of Contemporary French and Francophone Studies, Florida State U.,Tallahassee.Feb 11-14 2009) - "Comment peut-on être européenne? Un voyage en Orient au XXIe siècle", 22nd International Conference of the C.I.E.F, Limoges, July 2008 - "Invoking Lawrence in Current Affairs" (8th T.E. Lawrence Symposium, Huntington Research Library, San Marino, CA,Nov. 2007)


CIEF ,Conseil International D'Etudes Francophones ( Executive Director 2009-2012, Advisory 2012-13)  - CRLV (Centre de Recherches sur la Littérature de Voyage, Paris-Sorbonne - T.E. Lawrence Society - NERALLT (New England Association for Language Learning & Technology) - AATF (American Association of Teachers of French) - MLA (Modern Language Association)