Women's Studies Program Launches The Gender Issue

event  Spring 2015 marks the inaugural publication of The Gender Issue,
  a newsletter aimed at Marist students, faculty, and staff with
  an interest in gender studies. According to Associate Professor
  of English and Women's Studies Co-Director Angela Laflen, The
  Gender Issue "will facilitate advising women's studies minors,
  who will have a clearer idea of what courses they can take and
  along with this encourage other students to consider the minor. 
  We also want to increase the visibility of women's studies and
  gender issues on campus and provide a place to publicize what
  is happening in the program as well as upcoming events."
One such gathering, a panel discussion (pictured above) celebrating 20 years of Women's Studies at Marist, drew a large and
enthusiastic crowd of attendees and featured insights from Dr. JoAnne Myers (Political Science), Dr. Shannon Roper
(Communication), Dr. Anne Bertrand (Art History), Dr. Justin Myers (Sociology) and Dr. Michelle Smith (English). Through
interdisciplinary conversations such as this event, co-directors Dr. Laflen and Dr. Kristin Bayer (History) plan to engage
members of the Marist community in shaping the future of Women's Studies at the College in the 21st century.