History Department

Faculty Spotlight


 In Common Threads: A Cultural
 History of Clothing in American
(University of North
 Carolina Press), Associate Professor
 of History Sally Dwyer-McNulty traces
 the symbolic and practical
 significance of clothing within
 American Catholic culture from
 the early nineteenth century to the
 present day. Incorporating extensive research into
 school uniforms, clerical garb, and nuns' habits, Professor Dwyer-McNulty argues that clothing has served as crucial means of community identity for Catholics in this country. The book has already been praised for "the depth of [its] religious history" (Colleen McDannell, University of Utah) and lauded by David Morgan of Duke University as "a splendid piece of scholarship and a fine read."    Read more about History faculty>

History Beyond the Classroom

 Five Marist students presented at the Phi Alpha Theta (History
 Honor Society) regional conference in April 2013, including
 Political Science major Jennifer Grobe and History majors Megan
 Ripley, Freda Turner, and Kathleen M. Wicks, and Lauren Kelty.
 Faculty member Dr. Kristin Bayer accompanied the students to
 the meeting, which took place at Hartwick College. Six additional
 students plan to travel to this year's conference on April 12, 2014,
 at the State University of New York at Oneonta.