Intern Profile: Abby Milone '17


  History majors enjoy a wide range of opportunities in the Marist
  Archives & Special Collections, from helping design exhibits,
  cataloging collections, performing general preservation work,
  digitizing collections, conducting oral history interviews, and
  much more. As Abby Milone ’17 explains, her internship in the
  Archives has led to paid summer work that she finds challenging
  and rewarding:
   "I worked in Archives and Special Collections first as an internand
  now as a student employee.I curated the four case display on the
  ground floor of the Lowell Thomas Communication Center.I was
for all aspects of the display, including researching
  Thomas’s history, organizing the information, selecting artifacts,
  layout, and label writing.  Currently, I’m processing an environmental 
  history collection called the Fred Starner Collection, which means
  that I am taking an unorganized pile of papers and other materials and 
  organizing them in a way that is useful to researchers. 

"I love archival work because it is a mixture between the academic and the practical.  For both projects, I had to
become an expert in the subject almost exclusively through the use of primary source materials, which have
always been my favorite part of history.However, when I finish a project, I also have the satisfaction of 
knowing that people will be able to view it and use it."