Meet The Future Juris Doctors



Katherine Carpenter

K Carpenter“The Marist College Pre-Law program helped me determine my passion for law.  My pre law advisor and legal professors in the Marist College ABA approved Paralegal Program assisted me in constructing a valuable undergraduate program designed to introduce various areas of law and ultimately lead to my work as a paralegal.  The pre law advisor provided me with guidance for the opportunities and internships that I took advantage of during my years at Marist.  The pre law advisor provided thorough attention throughout the law school application process, detailed instruction on how to write an effective personal statement and how to request appropriate letters of recommendation.  My résumé allowed me to obtain a job as a paralegal, as well as acceptance to law schools during my senior year.  I chose to work as a paralegal for two years and I am now   
student at Albany Law School.  I would not be as well-rounded had it not
                                                         been for guidance provided by the Pre-Law Program at Marist. 
I believe, to this day,    
                                                         it is the best decision I ever made, as my education and experience from Marist provided a
                                                         solid foundation for my future and success.”

                                                         Katherine (Katy) Carpenter
                                                         Marist College ‘10
                                                         J.D. Candidate 2016




Emily Desmonie

Emily Desmonie

 My experience with the pre-law program at Marist has proven invaluable to my law school experience. Not only did the program help me realize my love of law, it gave me the advice that I needed to prepare for law school. Additionally, my decision to complete the American Bar Association approved Paralegal Certificate Program at Marist College game me a taste of what law school and a career as an attorney would be like.  Each of the classes I took at Marist helped me to succeed in my classes at DePaul. From the legal writing and researching skills I was able to practice to the substantive law I learned. I feel prepared and confident entering my classes. I find myself remembering rules and concepts from the paralegal classes, and this allows me to grasp new material much more quickly.  
                                                                                     The Pre-law Program also provided me with excellent advice and support as     
                                                                                      I applied to schools and eventually made my decision. Overall, the
                                                                                      Pre-law program has been a tremendous help to me, and I would recommend it
                                                                                       to anyone considering law school for the future.

                                                                                       Emily Desmonie
                                                                                       Marist College '12