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Arabic Studies

For students interested in developing a well-rounded understanding of the Arabic-speaking world, the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures offers foundation courses in the Arabic Language at the elementary and intermediate level, as well as a seminar in Arabic culture with a rotating topic.These courses can then complement other region-specific courses in the disciplines of History and Political Science as well as courses with a global emphasis from a variety of disciplines such as Communications, Criminal Justice, Business, Economics, Environmental Science, Art History and Film.

Students who wish to reach an Advanced proficiency in Arabic often elect to spend a semester abroad in an Arabic speaking country such as Jordan or Morocco. Upon their return, some students request special permission to maintain their Arabic language proficiency through independent study or a teaching internship. Such independent work must be approved by the Dean of the School of Liberal Arts.

Course Offerings in Arabic on Campus:

  • Elementary Arabic I (3 credits)
  • Elementary Arabic II (3 credits)
  • Intermediate Arabic I (3 credits)
  • Intermediate Arabic II (3 credits)
  • Arabic Cultures and Perspectives (3 credits)
  • Seminar in Arabic Culture (3 credits, rotating topic: Women in the Arab World, Images of Arabs in Film, )
  • Advanced language and culture courses taken abroad will receive a special topic course title on the student's transcript

Sample Course Offerings on Campus from Other Disciplines:

  • COM 325 Intercultural Communications
  • HIST 392 Special Topic: Understanding Islam
  • POSC 353 Comparative Politics of Developing Areas
  • POSC/HIST 355 Comparative Political Systems: Middle East
  • CRJU 440 Senior Seminar I: Cross Cultural Criminal Justice Systems
  • CRJU 377 Politics of Crime and Terrorism
  • REST 209 World Religions
  • GBST 103 Intro to Global Studies