Fall 2009 Course List for Minor in Publis Praxis

Listed below are courses that count for the Minor in Public Praxis for Fall 2009. The Minor requires 6-7 courses (18-21 credits) chosen among the following 4 categories. The Capping courses, Public Praxis 11, is required. Strongly recommended is the PP core course, Social Inequality, with Dr. Bruce Luske. This is not an exhaustive list as other courses may offer a praxis option (see Project-keepers).

Also see both the Public Praxis brochure (see link) and Public Praxis Sites (see link) on website.
Project-Keepers: Mar.Peter-Raoul@Marist.edu; Bruce.Luske@Marist.edu

HUMAN RIGHTS (3 credits)
SOC 336 Social Inequality (also Affluence and Poverty category)
REST 392L111 ST: Civil Rights Movement Through Documentary (also see below)
POSC 391L111 ST: Islam, Politics, and Human Rights (w. J. Ali)

SOC 336 Social Inequality (also Human Rights category)
REEST 392L111 ST: Civil Rights Movement Through Documentary
HONORS: 341L111 Global Engagement: U.S. and the World (w. L. Zuccarello)
GBST103L111 Intro to Global issues (w. C. Keith)
HIST242L111 Intro African Diaspora (w. F. Opie)

ENGL111 American Drama 1 (w. E. Curley)
CSSP 354L200 Civ. Hispanics (with I. Casey)
CSAR 292L200 ST: Images - Arab in Film
ENSC101L111 Intro to Environmental Issues (w. R. Feldman)
HIST267L111 Women in Asia
HIST294L111 ST: Public History
POSC110L111/112/114/115 American National Gov. (w. J. Myers, L. Eckert)
PSYC409L111 Ethics & Prof issues (w. S. Dingman)
REST208L111 Christianity (w. Br. Kelly)
REST208L111 Judeo-Christian Scriptures (w. Br. Kelly)
REST209200 World Religions (w. M. Ronconi)
PHIL103 World Views and Values - praxis-oriented

PUBLIC PRAXIS (3-6 credits)
REST320/SOC320 Public Praxis 1 - to be offered Spring 2010 (any course above can be substituted with permission and this course waived)
REST325/SOC325 Public Praxis 11 - to be offered Spring 2010 (required, CAPPING)
ST: Globalization and Public/Global Citizenship (alternative CAPPING, when offered)