Undergraduate Research in Philosophy

This spring two seniors majoring in philosophy will present their research at undergraduate philosophy conferences. 

Chelsea Richardson will present her capping paper, "A Critique of Modern Agriculture and its Effects on Personhood," at the 17th Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference in Oregon. In her paper she uses the theories of Marx and Borgmann to argue that modern agriculture alienates us from our food and personhood. Her paper will be part of a panel on Environmental Ethics.  

Ryan Montano will present his capping paper, "Intuitions and Experimental Philosophy," at the Third Mid-Hudson Valley Undergraduate Philosophy Conference hosted at Marist March 8-9, 2013. In his paper Mr. Montano examines recent experimental results concerning philosophical intuitions, and he suggests a role for philosophy in the context of the empirical sciences. Mr. Montano is a double-major in philosophy and bio-medical sciences.