Nine Students Present at the Student World Affairs Conference

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On March 3, 2017, 11 students majoring in Political Science, History, English, and other fields travelled to Bard College to participate in the fourth annual Student World Affairs Conference. Mentored by Assistant Professor of Political Science Juris Pupcenoks, who also served as a panel respondent, 9 students presented original work to their peers and faculty at other institutions. This annual convention, combined with participation in such events as the international Model U.N. Conference, provides Political Science students at the College with a change to share their research with like-minded peers and to develop work useful in graduate study and beyond.

political scienceThe conference, which featured a keynote address from Dr. Asha Castleberry, welcomed students from 9 different institutions. Students from Marist have played an active role in the conference since its inception in 2014; in 2015, the College hosted the event. In addition to providing valuable opportunities to develop research and public presentation skills, the conference serves as a venue for students to share knowledge gleaned during study-abroad experiences. The students' presentations are listed below. Congratulations to all!

  • Austin Flack ’18, “Chasing Perfection: An Economic & Diplomatic Policy Agenda for UK-Chinese Trade In a Post-Brexit Future”
  • Madeline Garcia ’17, “Sex as a Crime: The Laws and Stigmas that Control U.S. Sex Workers”
  • Iona Gitt-Henderson ’17, “Mothers on Welfare: Ideology and Its Impact on Citizenship”
  • Patrick Hickey ’18, “South Africa's Party's Problem”
  • Samantha Leenas ’17, Property Rights Security in Myanmar: Clarifying the Structure of the Agricultural Property Rights System”
  • Shan Lu ’18, ”Obstacles facing the global LGBT+I Community and Potential Solutions”
  • Darriel McBride ’17, “Corporal Punishment Policy Implementation and Alternative Measures in Samoa”
  • Andrew Montalti ’18, “The Economy or Inequality? Determining the Influence of Unemployment and Inequality on Support for Scottish Independence”
  • Adele Nader ’20, “A Study on Syria's Refugee Crisis: Germany's Response”