Discovering New Approaches to Language Learning

  The study of modern languages at Marist involves exploration into new places, technologies, and cultures.
  Often students enrich their learning through teaching others, whether through Skype sessions with native
  speakers in other countries, tutoring work with area schoolchildren, or study-abroad experiences such as the
  "Spanish in the Dominican Republic" Spring attachment program, pictured above, which was offered through
  Marist Abroad. See here for a student's firsthand account of this experience, in which Spanish
  and Computer Science majors worked side by side to develop new educational methods for students in
  underserved schools.

gonzalez  The Department of Modern Languages oversees a variety of
  programs providing immersive experiences to students
  pursuing proficiency in another language, including programs at
  the University of Havana, at Marist's branch campus in Florence,
  and in many other locations in Asia, Europe, and Africa. These
  experiences have proven crucial to Marist students' attainment of
  prestigious international awards such as Fulbright Fellowships.

  Students work closely with faculty to develop innovative strategies
  for language instruction, and have delivered presentations of their
  work at national and international conferences, such as the
  annual meeting of the American Council on the Teaching of
  Foreign Languages (pictured below, left). Students also
  participated in the ALOUD Conference (Association of
  Language Teachers of Orange, Ulster, and Dutchess Counties)
  hosted by Marist in April 2014.

  Entering students who would like to pursue potential minors or majors in Spanish, French, or Italian may do
  so by choosing Pathways in these areas. This allows students to fulfill requirements in the Marist Core while
  taking courses that would count toward these minors or majors. Students may also take First Year Seminars
  focusing on topics related to global cultures, such as Cannibals & Zombies of the Caribbean; Words in the Wild:
  Expeditions in Language, Culture, & Contemporary Life; and Travel in a Globalized World. The snapshots of
  alumni such as Lucitania Hernandez '14, James Napoli '12, Rebecca Moy '03, Daniel Buzi '04, and Kendra
  McKechnie '14 demonstrate the many professional opportunities opened up to students by language study.