Creating Vivid Stories Onstage and Beyond


 As the home of the English Department, the Creative Writing minor, and the Marist Theatre Program, the
 School of Liberal Arts serves as a hub of creative activity on campus. In collaboration with colleagues and
 students in the School of Communication and the Arts, the SLA provides students with a wide range of
 extracurricular, academic, and pre-professional venues in which to pursue their artistic interests.

slam  At the College, creative work provides opportunities not just
 for self-expression, but for student leadership. An influential 
 artistic presence on campus is the Literary Arts Society, which
 holds an annual poetry slam, publishes the Mosaic literary
 magazine, and hosts lively events throughout the semester.
 Sigma Tau Delta, the College's branch of the national English
 honor society, often co-hosts these events and also provides
 students with the chance to present their work at the society's
 national conference.

  For those with an interest in the performing arts, the Marist
  College Club of Theatre Arts is a student-run organization
  boasting a long and distinguished history.  It typically stages
  about five productions a year, both independently and in tandem
  with the Marist Theatre Program, such as the Spring 2015
  production of Godspell (pictured in rehearsal, below right).

 Internships provide students with key experiences needed to pursue professions in creative fields. SLA
 students regularly intern at fashion magazines, television networks, and theatre groups in New York City; 
 at publications and cultural institutions in the Mid-Hudson River Valley; and in various professional contexts
 in study-abroad locations such as Dublin, London, and Madrid. Students also gain a great deal from working
 collaboratively on honing their skills as editors, writers, and readers in a wide variety of courses, as in a Fall
 2014 Capping course that published its own anthology addressing the history and future of the book itself
 (as pictured below, left, students took part in bookbinding and papermaking as part of the class). The
 of graduates such as Christi Sheehan '12, Amanda Mulvihill '10, and James Napoli '12 demonstrate the
 professional opportunities opened up to students by such experiences.