Pamela Chomba '12

 wmstPamela Chomba explored wide-ranging interests as an undergraduate by
 completing not only a History major, but also minors in Women's Studies,
 Political Science, and Philosophy.

 Q: What kind of work do you do now?
 I work for, which is a bipartisan nonprofit seeking immigration
 reform. Recently I was in South Carolina to speak with both voters and
 elected officials about the need for change in existing policies (Ms.
 Chomba, first from left, is pictured with a colleague and with South  
 Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture Hugh Weathers.) Before that, I
 served as Regional Field Director for Harris Central County covering
Houston, Texas for the Wendy Davis Campaign for Governor. As a Regional Lead on the campaign, I built up a regional
program that realigned with the statewide plan to get out the vote.

chomba  Q: Which aspects of your Marist experience have proven most
  useful to your professional life?

 Looking back, my coordination with multiple clubs and activities proved
 helpful in being able to multitask different priorities and manage teams
 that work under different affinity groups and have their own program. On
 an academic level, I was able to discover and dig into my passion for  
 grassroots movements during my Capping research paper. My research
 on black communities utilizing different grassroots organizing tactics during
 the Great Depression was the necessary theory I needed in order to build
 neighborhood teams of grassroots volunteers.

Q: What advice would you have for students just starting out on their college careers?

To our new Marist students: Be curious. My curiosity as an undergraduate drove me to take different classes in the School of
Liberal Arts. I met fellow students with similar interests -- history, gender studies, philosophy, literature, and others. Expanding
my curiosity to different subject areas expanded my capacity to relate to different work fields. Best of luck from one Red Fox to another!