Spanish Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with a Spanish major are expected to:

  • Communicate effectively in spoken and written Spanish in the range of Intermediate-High to Advanced-Mid level, in accordance with the criteria of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

  • Read, comprehend, and analyze a wide range of texts in Spanish (including content from various fields of knowledge) at an advanced level as defined by ACTFL, taking into account regional, historical, geographical, and cultural particularities.

  • Interact communicatively within a community of practice, taking into account varying registers and cultural contexts at the ACTFL advanced level.

  • Have read representative works of literature and other textual production written/produced in Spanish and have a sense of their social/historical context, major movements and figures, and their place in world literary history.

  • Examine and produce coherent analyses of literary/cultural topics through research and critical thinking, demonstrating relevant use of textual evidence and documentation.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the diversity of cultures of Spanish and Latin American countries and their diasporic communities within the broader framework of global perspectives in a multicultural world.

  • Identify skills and strengths that they will continue to polish for their experiences in professional work or graduate studies, extending their learning experiences from the classroom to the home, community, and workplace.