15th annual
Women & Society Conference
Nov 3 & 4 2006

2006 Program for 15th Conference 2006

Friday Nov 3
Noon- 4:30 Conference Registration & Hospitality-
Henry Hudson room. 3rd Floor, Fontaine Hall

Concurrent Panels: Session 1 (1:00-2:45)

1A. "Rejecting Pygmalion: The Social and Cultural Capital of Working Class Women Ph.D. Students"

Susan Mary Paige - Buffalo State University
Gillian Richardson - Canisius College
Diana Lawrence Brown - St. Bonaventure University

1B. Discourse on Family Politics

"The Political and Social Climate of the US in the 1980s: an Examination of the Discourse Around Family"
Janiene Langford - UC Berkeley
"Saving the Unborn: Pro-Life Art in the US"
Jeanie Ludlow - Bowling Green State Univ.
"A Historical Look at Reproductive Liberty and the Socio Economic Implications of Roe V Wade Being Overturned."
Tara Prairie - Middle Tennessee State Univ.
"A Star is Born: Fetal Imaging and the Culture of Family Photography"
Angela Laflen - Marist College

1C. Remembering Home

"Sentiments of Hope: Relations of Rescue Remembered/Reinterpreted at a Shanghai Mission"
Sue Gronewald, Kean University
"Its all in the Dance: A Body Project in the Jamaican Dance Hall" Amy Tate Lesley University
Female Circumcision"

Concurrent Panels: Session 2 (3:00-4:30)

2A. Its Feminist

"Women's Reflections as Feminist Inquiry"
Kathy Desmond - Endicott College
"Iris Murdoch: Romantic and Feminist"
Megan Laverty - Columbia Teachers College
"Contemporary Feminist Aesthetics: One Artist's Perspective" Lauren O'Neal Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

2B. Balancing Power: Race Gender and Identity

"Leap Year 1908: Cupid at Gunpoint" Katherine Parkin - Monmouth Univ.
"Transracial Adoption: The Matching of the Unmatchable"
Evelyn Rodriguez - Monmouth Univ.
"Skirted Soldiers Get the Message Through: an analysis of the gender integration of the US Signal Corps WWII"
Melissa Ziobro - Monmouth Univ.

2C. Maternal Presence

"A Good Mother is a present Mother: the Significance of Gender Roles in the Determination of 'Good' Parenting"
Kirsten Paap and Tammy Kegebein - SUNY
"Solas, Marginality, Maternity and Liberation"
Lauren Shaw - Mt. St. Mary College
"What to Expect When you are Expecting...at 35 or older"
Michelle Napierski - Prancl Sage Colleges

Women & Society Reception (5-7 pm)

Student Center Performing Arts Room


7:30-9pm Student Center Cabaret

Women & Society Conference
Day 2

Saturday November 4th

8:30 Continental Breakfast - Henry Hudson Room

8:30 5 Registration & Hospitality Henry Hudson Room

Concurrent Panels: Session 3 (9-10:15)

3A. Maternal Presence Redux

"Feminine Freedom: The Need for Reproductive Choice in a Patriarch Society"
Danielle Izzo - St. Johns University
"Grappling with the Question 'So When are you Going to Have a Baby' While Trying to Conceive"
Shannon Roper - Marist College

3B. Techno Women

"Engendering Technology in Laura Esquivel's Swift as Desire"
Louise Detwiler - Salisbury Univ.
"Bitches, Blowjobs and Bad Mommies: How Blogs are Re-Defining and Reinvigorating Dialogue in the 21st Century"
J. Elizabeth Clark - LaGuardia Community College CUNY
"Girl Power in the Digital Promised Land: Exploring Gender and Race in Commercial Websites Designed for Yound Women"
Elley M. Prior - York University

3C. Positioning Women

"Shattering the Glass Ceiling: Feminism in Ridley Scott's Thelma & Louise and G.I. Jane"
Claire Semder - Marist College
"Women (and Men) in Management Positions in the Czech Republic"
Radka Dudova - Czech Academy of Science
"Sweet Sweat: Taiwanese Women Entrepreneurs, Self-made Tycoons"
Chyong Ling (Judy) - Chen Feng Chia University, Taiwan

3D. Its Feminist, Too

"Feminist Inference as Feminist Epistemology"
Sharin Elkholy, Hunter College- CUNY
"Feminist Inquiry into a Just Praxis of Sexuality" Jane Marie Grovijahn - Our Lady of the Lake University

Panels Session 4 (10:30-12:15)

4A. Violence Against Women

"The Use of Victim Impact Statement in Cases of sexual Assault"
Karen-lee Miller - University of Toronto
"Tacit Agreement: Male Violence and Female Complicity in Frances Burney's Evelene"
Dawn Goode - Univ. of Conn- Storrs
"Stalking in the 20th and 21st Centuries: The security of Women in Question"
Joanne Ardovini - Metropolitan College CUNY
"Could Commodities Speak: A Marxian Analysis of Pornography"
Georganna Ullary and Lynn Eckert - Marist College
"Why I Cannot Come Home: African Women Immigrants Write about Ending Female Circumcision"
Natashia Gordon-Chipembere - Medger Evers CUNY

4B. Women In Between (The Class of 1966): "If I Knew Then What I Know Now"

Kathryn Sajdak - Marist College
Lucille Pritchard - Culinary Institute of America
Susanna Margolis - Independent Writer

4C. Collegial Women

"Moving Women's Studies: How Women Fought for (and Wond) a Place at the Curricular Table"
Milaila Mariel Lemonik Arthur - NYU
"Women's Colleges Today"
Stacey Peterson - College of Notre Dame MD
"Women in Academia in Kazakhstan"
Khalida Nurseitova - Pavlodar State University


"Hysterical History and Cases in Literature"
April Zaat - UC San Francisco
"The Visible: Gender and Race Giving an Account of an Other Tradition of Representation"
Nathalie Nya - UC Santa Cruz
"Zadie Smith and the Controlling Images of Black Womanhood"
Tracey Walters - SUNY Stony Brook
"Kinship and Paradigms of Religion and Marriage"
Maya Machacek Marist College

12:15- 1:30 Lunch
(Henry Hudson Room)

Panels Session 5 (1:30-3:00)



5B. Drumming Circle and Workshop

Al'Kebulan Drumming Circle Girl Scouts Of Dutchess County

5C. Breaking Stereotypes (at Both Ends of the Spectrum)

"Coming of Age with Disabilities: How is the Transition to Womanhood Different for those with Disabilities"
Lauri Hyers and Nishidia Akemi - West Chester University
"The Impact of Cultural Stereotypes of Menopausal Women on Decisions Concerning Hormonal Replacement Therapy"
Stacey Carvalho - Univ. of Mass
"Women's Participation in Freemasonic Orders"
Lilith Mahmud - Harvard University
"Investigating the Gendered Relationships between School Success and Life Success"
Nancy Niemi - Nazareth College

5D. "The Grail: A Study in the Application of Feminist Principles in a Women's Spiritual Community" A Workshop

Sharon Thomson - The Grail
Simonetta Romano - The Grail

Panels Session 6 (3:15-4:45)

6A. The Images of Love and Marriage

"Media, Marriage and Black Women/Men, Too"
Carmala Pattillo - Georgia State University
"Marriage and Materialism on HBO"
Karin Fry - Univ Wisc Stevens Point
"Gendered International Marriage Migration Under Globalization: Filipino Wives of South Korean Husbands in Rural Communities"
Kim Minjeong - SUNY Albany
"Why Do Women Love Convicted Killers?"
Sheila Isenberg - Independent Writer
"Marriage Kinship: A Deconstruction of Gender Paradigms"
Maya Machacek - Marist College

6B. Nomenclature and Women's Titles

"The Naming of an Institution"
Rudolfina Lackner - Univ of Vienna
"What's in a Name? Naming is not Yet a Move in the Language Game"
Aloisia Moder - New School
"The Sovereignty of Naming Oneself"
Maria Bussmann - Artist
"Changing Name Changing: Framing Rules and the Future of Marital Names"
Elizabeth F. Emens - Columbia Law School

6C. Power Plays

"Conceptualization of Power in Lesbian Relationships"
Kelley Anne Malinen - Dalhousie University
"A Choreography of Talk: Overlaps, Interruptions and Break-ins"
Diane Berkowitz - Queensborough Community College- CUNY
Andi DeCapua - College of New Rochelle
"An Ecofeminist Perspective on Ridley Scott's G. I. Jane"
Paula Willoquet-Maricondi - Marist College