Women & Women's Studies at Marist: Then and Now


  Dorothy Willis '68
  One of the first 2 female graduates of the College

  Dorothy Willis's goals in enrolling at Marist were clear-cut:
  "I knew that a better education would open up better jobs
  for me." Even though pursuing a college degree while
  raising 8 children brought many challenges, Willis's
  experience in many ways was a typical one: "I liked the
  professors and I enjoyed using the library. All of it was
  a wonderful experience."  Read more>>


  Pamela Chomba '12
  Major in History; Minors in Women's Studies, Political
  Science, and Philosophy

  Researching the history of grassroots organizations during
  her time as an undergraduate has helped Pamela Chomba
  (first from left) succeed in her work to advance immigration
  policy reform with the bipartisan organization FWD.us.
  According to Ms. Chomba, "Expanding my curiosity to
  different subject areas expanded my capacity to relate to
  different work fields." 
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  Kathryn Chmielewski '15
  Double major in History and French; Double minor in
  Women's Studies and Global Studies

  An internship teaching English with a Non-Governmental
  Organization (NGO) in Morocco proved to be a transformative
  experience for Kathryn Chmielewski: “The connection with my
  students was by far the most rewarding part of my internship...
  Most of my students were adult women. They taught me about
  their culture while I taught them about mine—it was such a
  valuable exchange.”