Women's Studies Minor Requirements

Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that focuses on gender as a significant cultural and cognitive category.

 Employers value a Women’s Studies minor because it indicates that a student has an awareness of and sensitivity to gender issues.

The minor prepares students for fields such as communication, counseling, criminology, education, health, journalism, law, politics, psychology, and applied sociology and positions such as personnel specialist, affirmative action officer, crisis intervention specialist, family and youth services provider, or legal advocate. Students interested in graduate school will also find a minor in Women’s Studies valuable for further study in English, History, Social Sciences, and Law.

To complete the minor, students must take History 130 (Introduction to Women’s Studies) plus 5 additional courses drawn from at least 2 different disciplines. These courses often overlap nicely with chosen major fields. 

Students will be held to the requirements of the catalog of the year in which they declare their major. Be sure to consult the appropriate catalog.