Industry Studies and Analysis

Interested in Industry Studies and Analysis? Here one can find standard code definitions and codes for SIC, SITC, and the newly created NAICS. There are links to industry association providing information about their respective industries along with industry analysis provided by Standard and Poor's.

Standard Industrial Code and Standard International Trade Code

This website provides Standard Industrial Codes (SIC) and Standard International Trade Codes (SITC) and descriptions up to SIC four digit code and SITC five digit code.

North American Industrial Classification Standard

One can receive history and other important information on both the Standard Industrial Code (SIC) and North American Industrial Classification Standard (NAICS). Also provides an online database to query SIC codes and SIC Descriptions along with NAICS codes and descriptions.

Standard and Poor's Industry Analysis

Provides various types of financial and rates information of companies and bonds. Through the use of the Quick Search Database view drop down menu, one can select any of these types of information. Also, one can select Industry Survey and will be able to select an industry of interest


Provides information, links, and locations of the Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, and other various areas, both nationally and internationally, where semiconductor manufacturing and related sectors and industries are located.

Electronic Journal of Biotechnology

This biotechnology offers a forum to discuss various topics in biotechnology and notes from various proceedings. Offers a publication three times a year in the months of April, August, and December along with background information about the featured authors. Back issues are available. Finally, links to other biotechnology sites are present.

Institute for Biotechnology Information

Another biotechnology related website offering databases on companies and historical events within biotechnology. Reports and publications are available along with information services in the areas of Business Plans, Special Studies, and Virtual Information Services

New York Biotechnology Association

This association's website provides membership information, member directory, and job listings within this industry. A listing of press releases, technology development, and a calendar of events are also provided along with links.

National Association of Manufactures

National Association of Manufactures' website offers several types of services including an E-commerce services called "Manufacturing Central" and "NAMB2B," training services such as "The NAM Virtual University," site selection services like "NAM Site Selection Network," and others

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America

This pharmaceutical site offers membership, employment listings, and news releases relating to the pharmaceutical industry. There is several publications, annual reports and surveys, statistics, and one page fact sheets available, also.

Industry Week

Industry Week website contains daily news articles and Industry Week magazines both current and archived. Industry Week also includes special issues on the topics of Global Manufactures' Resource Guide, CEO Survey Issue, eBusiness: An Executive's Guide to IT Strategies. A product entitled Benchmarking Tool Kit is also available. It is a database of 7,500 companies along with 100 case studies.