Student Hire Payroll Guidelines

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Federal law requires all employees to prove their eligibility to work in the United States PRIOR to working. This certification requires that the students come to the Office of Student Financial Services to complete the I-9 form along with the rest of the new hire packet. A copy of the I-9 form showing the substantiation requirements is attached for your information.

We have found that many students do not come to campus with the documentation necessary to satisfy the I-9 requirements and that many are prohibited from working for several weeks until proper documentation is supplied. Even if you offer a student a job, STUDENTS CANNOT WORK UNTIL THE REQUIRED PAPERWORK AND DOCUMENTS HAVE BEEN PRESENTED AND VERIFIED AT THE OFFICE OF STUDENT FINANCIAL SERVICES.

College Policy

  • The College follows the NYS Labor Law for all employees.
  • The Office of Student Financial Services is responsible for all policies surrounding student employment.
  • The Payroll Office is responsible for payment to employees for hours worked.
  • If the student is in attendance at Marist, they must be hired through the Bi-Weekly Payroll.
  • If the student is attendance at another College and it is during our summer break, they will be hired as a temporary worker through Human Resources.

During the Fall and Spring semesters, College policy limits hours to 20 hours per week. Students are only permitted to work 40 hours per week during the summer and designated college break periods.

New Student Hire Procedures

  1. Payroll Requirements- Students working for the first time on campus must report to the Office of Student Financial Services with a valid picture I.D., passport or social security card. In addition, the student will be asked to complete the following forms if they have not done so already.

    Payroll will then sign off on the work authorization and forward it to the Office of Student Financial Services where it is reviewed to make sure that the wage and employment conditions meet college policy. If so, an assignment is created in the Banner system. Only after the assignment is entered into Banner can a web time sheet be generated.

    For students who have previously worked on campus,  nothing else is required, as they have already satisfied the I-9 and tax form requirements. However, if a student claimed Exempt from federal and state with holdings, the exemption does not carry over to the next calendar year. New withholding forms for exempt status must be filled out by February of each year.

    Additional Requirements for International Student Hires

    International students cannot begin working on campus until they have been offered a job on campus and have applied for a social security number with the Social Security Administration. Once they have done so, they should report to the Office of Student Financial Services along with the following:

    • A social security card issued by the Social Security Administration
    • completed work authorization form
    • F1-Visa/I-94
    • I-20 from the DSO in the Registrar's office located in DN 203

    The student will then be given a W-4 (Federal Tax Withholding Form), IT-2104 (State Tax Withholding Form), an I-9 (Employment Verification Form), and/or for some countries Form 8233 (Exemption from Withholding on Compensation for a Nonresident Alien Individual) to complete the hire process. Please note 8233 forms expire at the end of a calendar year. To remain exempt status, a new form must be filled out each January.

  2. Authorized Web Time sheets - Once the student (international or domestic) meets all requirements from both the Payroll Office and the Office of Student Financial Services, an authorized web time sheet will be available to them on Student workers are paid on the Bi-Weekly Payroll. In order to be paid on time, it is critical that you submit your time sheet to your supervisor on time. You are responsible for submitting your time sheet electronically on to your supervisor. If you do not submit your time sheet on time, your supervisor will not be able to approve it. Without your supervisor's approval you will not be paid on time.

    Bi-Weekly time sheets must be submitted and approved by 9:00 AM on the Monday after the pay period ends.

                               If you miss a pay period, you will need to fill out a paper time sheet in order to be paid

                               Working 6 or more hours requires a 1/2 hour break.

Pertinent Information Regarding Student Payroll and Employment

Stipends - Supervisors who wish to pay a stipend to student employees must contact the Director of Student Employment located in the Office of Financial Services for approval. Stipends are earned income and are subject to federal and state withholdings.

Work Hours Limitation - During the Fall and Spring semesters, College policy limits hours to 20 hours per week. Students are only permitted to work 40 hours per week during the summer and designated college break periods.

Children of Employees - Related persons shall not be employed in a situation where one relative exercises either direct or indirect supervision over the other.


  • Please direct any questions regarding student pay to the Payroll Office at extension 2310.
  • Questions regarding student employment issues should be directed to the Student Employment Office located in the Office of Student Financial Services at extension 3230.

Payroll Cycle

Time sheets need to be approved by the supervisor no later than 12:00 PM the Monday after the Payroll ends. Please adhere to the payroll schedulePDF to ensure a check on the pay date indicated. Late time sheets will jeopardize payment for that pay period.

Students are paid every two weeks on the Bi-Weekly pay schedule. Checks are available for pickup and cashing on dates indicated on the Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule in the Business Office located in DN210 from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Students can pick up the paychecks in the Payroll Office DN214 ON PAY DAYS ONLY.  Any checks not picked up will be mailed to your home address on file.

Student Payroll Reports

The Payroll office provides a student labor report by pay period for supervisors to verify student payroll information. Please take the time to look over each report to verify that the information is correct. Please notify Melissa McCarthy in the Payroll Office at extension 2425 immediately if you have any questions or concerns.