Fall 2017 Online Courses

Students taking online courses are required to participate in a mandatory iLearn orientation.

8-Week Fall I: August 28 - October 19, 2017

COM 102L741 Introduction to Communication
COM 270L741 Organizational Communication
INTD 105L741 Perspectives on Education
INTD212L741 Perspectives on Social Institutions
INTD 477L741 Capping
INTD 498N741 Professional Studies Internship
ORG 101N758 Managing Organizations
ORG 322L741 Leadership in the Global Workplace
PSYC 318L741 Adolescent Psychology

Important Dates for Fall I (8-week online calendar only):

Add/Drop:  August 28 - September 1, 2017
Last day to drop with full refund: September 1, 2017
Last day to drop with half refund: September 8, 2017 
Last day to withdraw (W):  September 29, 2017 
Withdraw / Fail begins: September 30, 2017 
Final Grades Due:  October 25, 2017

8-Week Fall II: October 23 - December 15, 2017

CMPT 130L741 Information Technology & Systems Concepts
COM 400L741 Gender, Culture, & Communication
INTD 209L741 Perspectives on Humanities
ORG 321L741 Issues in Leadership
PHIL 103L741 World Views and Values
PSYC 385L741 Industrial Psychology


Important Dates for Fall II (8-week online calendar only):

Last day to drop with full refund: 
Last day to drop with half refund: 
Last day to withdraw (W):  
Last day to withdraw (W/F):  
Final Grades Due: