Frequently Asked Questions for Intersession Courses

Q. How much is Tuition?

A.2017 - 2018 tuition rates for intersession courses are $675.00 per credit.  To calculate the tuition, multiply the cost per credit by the number of credits registered for.

COM 350 (3 credits)
$675.00 x 3 = $2,025.00

Q. If I am not a Marist student, can I still register

A. Yes, Marist welcomes visiting students into the summer / winter intersession programs.  Please fill out a non-matriculated / visiting student application.

Q. If I am an international student, are there additional procedures for me to follow in order to register?

A. Since the summer / winter course load (3 credit maximum per session) is not considered full-time, Marist College cannot issue I-20 Student visas for summer / winter study.  In order to attend as a visiting international student, you will need to show evidence that you hold a visa that allows you to take courses at American universities at the time of application.  Please note that matriculation and evidence of good standing at an American university in an undergraduate degree program (i.e., not an ESL program) are also required for those who would like to stay in Marist College housing.

Q. How can I drop a class?

A. Marist students should use myMarist to drop a course and are responsible for verifying their registration activities through myMarist.  All students may request to be dropped from a course by visiting the School of Professional Programs Office (Lowell Thomas 107), by submitting a written request via fax at 845-575-3262, or by emailing  Please include your full name, Marist CWID, the course number, and the name of the class you would like to drop.  The effective date for any course change is the date a drop / withdrawal occurs via myMarist or the date upon which the School of Professional Programs office receives a written form of notification of the course change request.

Q. Do I get a refund if I drop a course?

A. Only students who drop within the add / drop period are entitled to a full refund.  Please refer to your online student welcome kit for dates.

Q. How do I obtain a refund?

A. Once a drop has been processed, the student should contact the Office of Student Financial Services to verify method of refund.  Students should request refunds by phone (845-575-3230), by email or in person.  Student Financial Services is located in Donnelly Hall.

Q. How do I get my grades?

A. Students can check their grades through myMarist.  Visiting students should create a myMarist account.

All students may request official transcripts from the Office of the Registrar.  Transcripts of student records may be requested in person or in writing.  Copied, faxed and emailed requests are not accepted.  An original student signature is required.

In person, the transcript request may be filled out at the Registrar's Office.  Written requests may be submitted by submitting a Transcript Request Form.  Print out the form, provide the requested information and mail the signed form to Marist College.

Q. How do I get my credits transferred over to my college / university?

A. We strongly recommend that you confirm with your academic advisor at your home institution that you will receive credit for a course taken outside of your college or university.  Before granting permission, some schools require course descriptions of the courses to be transferred, which you can obtain through our online undergraduate course catalog. To have your credits transferred, request that a transcript be sent to your school from Marist College Registrar's Office.