Nicolas Shearman

Nicolas Shearman is a double major in Environmental Policy and Political Science from Smithtown, New York. He has been heavily involved in civic engagement and is an active member of Campus Ministry, the Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee, and the Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee. Nicholas’ involvement in Campus Ministry has allowed him to begin Earth Care, a group that works to introduce students to the Hudson Valley’s sustainable agriculture community by volunteering on local farms.

How did you know Marist was right for you?

I visited Marist for the first time on a rainy day. Within a half-an-hour of touring the campus, looking out onto the Hudson, and hearing about the college’ environmental program, I felt a strong sense of place and home—even with the gloomy weather. I knew that I would live out the next four years of my life at Marist. The college has offered me adventures in the United States and abroad, amazing relationships, as well as academic and non-academic experiences that have made my time here the fullest and fulfilling period of my life to date.

How has Marist prepared you for your desired career path?

The challenging academic experiences Marist has provided me with, combined with support from my professors has enabled me to land several internships in my desired field. My professors, whom I have become very close with, pushed me to get involve in the Poughkeepsie community and with organizations throughout the Hudson Valley. These internships and my civic involvement have proved invaluable for me in developing professional experience and the networks I need to secure a job.  

How do you feel your on-campus involvement benefited you?

I have gained strong friendships through this work and have been able to put into action what I have learned in the classroom and my passion for the environment. It has strengthened my sense of community and has made me understand that projects that are small in the scheme of things, like a Campus Ministry meeting or a planting of a vegetable garden, are the actions that change the world.

Any advice for incoming freshmen?

Freshman, don’t take on more work than you can handle! But always try something new. Learn a language, go abroad, and talk to your friends and professors about controversial topics like religion and politics. Make time for your friends and explore Poughkeepsie and the Hudson Valley with them. Immerse yourself in your studies and think critically. Most importantly, go outside your comfort zone- doing so will help you find yourself and have the most fun these four years have to offer.

Written by Emily Belfiore '16

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