Kelsey Bradley

Kelsey Bradley is from Parsippany, NJ. She was a Journalism major with a double minor in Political Science and Global Studies. During her time at Marist, she was part of the a capella group The Sirens, a member of the Marist Singers, a team member for Global Outreach, and a writer for The Circle.

What is your biggest takeaway from your four years at Marist?

I feel tired graduating from Marist, in the best way possible. Marist provided me with the foundation and motivation to get involved in multiple wholesome organizations and clubs and that was what truly cultivated the incredible friendships, life lessons, and memories I will hold onto forever. 

How did studying abroad affect you as an individual?

Florence was an invaluable learning experience that exposed me to the real world in ways no classroom setting ever could. Living on my own changed me as a person because it taught me how to thrive independently while also opening my mind to appreciating new cultures. It’s an essential life skill to have, one that not many of my own generation seek out in fear or apprehension of the big world. Don't be afraid! Be curious and never stop. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to an incoming freshman?

Be yourself, right from the start and always. Marist has everything the real you needs to thrive and flourish. Staying true to who you are is not only vital to your personal growth, but it will also help you find those quality friends over perhaps, a larger quantity of friends. Also - make friends with your teachers, their job is to help you. Ask questions and learn from them as much as you can! 

Written by Adriana Belmonte '17


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Major: Journalism
Academic School: Communication and the Arts
Campus: New York