Laura Denitto Natalie

Professor Laura Denitto Natalie teaches a variety of classes in the Marist Music Department. She directs the Freshmen Women’s Singers and teaches the Upperclassmen Singers and piano lab classes. With such a love of music, Laura also helps wherever she can with the departments vocal and instrumental performances.

What part of the Singer's season do you look forward to the most every year and why?
I love all of the performances that we do. I enjoy Night on Broadway and Love in the Afternoon because I love seeing the amazing musical performances our students put together to benefit various charities. Our performances at the Bardavon are inspiring because the repertoire is so varied. One of my favorite performances is Lessons and Carols because it really puts me in the holiday spirit.

How did you get involved in music, and eventually decide to teach it?
From a very early age, I loved to sing. My parents took note of that and signed me up for piano classes when I was four. I can remember thinking that I wanted to be just like my piano teacher, and teach other kids music when I grew up. I started the flute in elementary school and was always involved in as many musical activities as possible under the guidance of some excellent teachers.

Why do you think freshman women specifically should get involved in the Marist choir?
The music we create is nothing short of incredible. These women come in ready to jump into our amazing organization. I see so many life-long bonds that start with friendships in our choir. The music department as a whole is such a supportive family and is a great place for freshman women to find a home at Marist.

How do you think learning about music can be beneficial for all majors?
A TIME Magazine article from August 13, 2016, entitled "Singing Changes Your Brain," states what musicians already know; "Group singing, for those who have done it, is the most exhilarating and transformative of all." Beyond this, our vocalists are exposed to a wide range of musical styles and have the opportunity to give back through our benefit concerts. Regardless of your major, you will be in a welcoming environment; we would love to have you in Singers!

What do you do outside of Marist?
I am a new mom to an amazing four-month-old named Scarlett. When my maternity leave is over, I will also return to teaching high school band at Rhinebeck High School in Rhinebeck, NY. 

How do you incorporate music into these other parts of your life? 
My husband and I enjoy attending concerts, and we hope that our daughter will enjoy attending these concerts with us in the future! We often attend or host gatherings that include a great deal of casual music making. We enjoy traveling; my husband and I recently visited friends in Italy and also took a short trip to Paris, and we can't wait to go back and experience more Italian and Parisian music!

Written by Sarah Gabrielli '18

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