Meghan Buckley

Meghan Buckley grew up in Chatham, New Jersey and entered the Marist fashion program to study Fashion Merchandising with a concentration in Promotion. She is also a Sophomore student ambassador and a Marist Singer. 
What about Marist's fashion program appealed to you? 
I loved how professional the environment was and that there are lots of opportunities to get involved in the industry even if you’re not right in Manhattan. I also think its great that there are three different concentrations you can choose from because other fashion programs I looked at only focused on the buying side of fashion when really there is a lot more to the industry. 

How did you handle transitioning into your freshman year? 
It wasn’t easy making the transition and I was pretty homesick at first, so I tried to get involved as much as possible. I joined clubs and went to any events where I could meet new people. By keeping myself busy, I became adjusted to college life quickly and was able to keep my mind off of my homesickness and soon enough, Marist became my home. 

Now that you are a sophomore, how do you feel have improved as a student and as a person?
I feel like I am able to handle more, both academically and socially. I am able to go out with friends and participate in clubs, while still focusing on school. I also think that I have realized that I should think about my future and prepare for it, but also realize that everything will turn out okay and to enjoy the present as well. It’s important to stop and take time for yourself and just be kind to yourself in general.   

What is a freshman year life hack you want to pass down to the incoming class?
Get into a routine. You have so much free time that it’s easy to push off assignments and school work, but remember that you are at school to study and get a degree so that should definitely remain your top priority.


Written by Sarah Gabrielli '18

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Profile Type: Class of 2019
Major: Fashion Merchandising
Academic School: Communication and the Arts
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