Hannah Pipa

Hannah Pipa is a Communication major from Floral Park, Long Island. She has a dual concentration in Journalism and Advertising and a Music minor. Hannah is in her sophomore year at Marist and she looks back, in awe, at her freshman year. “If I told my high school self all of the stuff I was going to do in my freshman year alone, I would have thought I was crazy,” Hannah says.

What do you remember about your first visit to Marist?
The first time I ever came to Marist it was a beautiful fall day, so obviously I was hooked immediately. My tour guide actually ended up being the director of my first show on campus one year later.

Once here, how did you end up deciding on a major? 
I was a declared Communication major when I got to Marist, but I picked up my Journalism and Advertising halfway through freshman year. I always wanted to do something that was imaginative and would involve creating something, so advertising seemed the best way to go. But journalism was always something that just interested me so I decided to double concentrate since it was possible to fit in into my major.

What is the most important thing you learned from freshman year?
From my freshman year, I learned that we are able to handle more than we think. It's really important to get as involved as you can because that's ultimately how you will have the most memorable experience.


Written by Sarah Gabrielli '18

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