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Si Ya “Wendy” Ni is a sophomore who hails from New York City. She is a computer science major, with minors in Mathematics, Information Technology, and Information Systems. She is also considering adding an additional minor in Data Science, a program which has recently become available to students. At Marist, she is the Vice President of Asian Alliance and an active member of the Marist Computer Society and the Anime Society. 

Why did you choose Marist?
I came to Marist for its computer science program. I was deciding between Marist and another college at the time. At the Open House, when I learned about the computer science program and its connection with IBM, I decided that I wanted to come to Marist. I also liked that it has a small campus, which is what I feel more comfortable in since I went to a small middle school and high school. 

What has been your favorite memory here?
It would have to be cooking in the Leo Hall kitchen with my friends every weekend. We would go to Stop and Shop in the morning, then cook and stay in the kitchen all day. Those were the times when I didn’t feel homesick at all. Along with that is meeting all of the upperclassmen who were really helpful mentors to me. They made freshman year less scary and more exciting. 

What’s the biggest lesson you learned from freshman year?
The biggest lesson I learned is to always go above and beyond. Meeting the requirements is not enough to get a good grade. My Writing for College course taught me the importance of that. Later in my career, my boss would expect me to do the same: to go above and beyond what he would ask for. 

Editor's Note: Curious to know more about Si Ya's first year at Marist? Read our in-depth interview with her in Marist student participates in White House Science Fair.


Written by Adriana Belmonte '17

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