Kristen Sandberg

Kristen Sandberg is an Applied Mathematics major with a concentration in Economics from New York, NY. She is also minoring in Computer ScienceBusiness, and Economics. In her time at Marist, Kristen has been involved in a variety of clubs and organizations including Campus Ministry, the Emerging Leaders Program, FoxPAW, Autism Speaks, Math Club, and the Booster Club.

How did you know that Marist was right for you?

From the moment I drove onto campus, I felt like I was home. It was a weird feeling because it was my first time at Marist, but it already felt like I belonged here. I remember walking through the Hancock Center on the campus tour and wishing that I would get to take a class in one of those rooms with the beautiful blackboards.

When you started Marist without a major, what contributed to helping you declaring your Applied Mathematics major?

I came to Marist without a clue of what I wanted to do, and with the help of my professors, I found myself. The professors have been amazing; they have introduced me to many opportunities, always believed in me, and challenged me to do better.

How have the clubs and organizations influenced your time at Marist?

The clubs I attended were a great way for me and my friends to have fun activities to do, and I especially enjoyed serving a good cause through those clubs. I’ve worked in the Marist College Bureau of Economic Research and the Marist College Math Lab, and they have profoundly affected me. They taught me responsibility, diligence, and introduced me to occupations I now want to pursue when I graduate.

Any advice for incoming freshmen?

Since it often rains at Marist, my advice to incoming freshman falls under an umbrella. Metaphorically speaking, you should: always carry your umbrella (be prepared), share your umbrella with a friend (develop close friendships), and steer your umbrella into the wind (don’t be afraid of a new challenge). 

Written by Emily Belfiore '16

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