Jianing Fang

Jianing (Jade) Fang is an Associate Professor of Accounting with an extremely diverse background, both culturally and in terms of his academic specializations. He is originally from China and has three degrees. He came to America with his family in order to advance his education.

What is your background?
I came from China, I did a year at Northwestern and then I transferred to Queens College and graduated with an Accounting and Economics double major. After I worked for two years and got my license, I switched from popular accounting to private accounting so I could go back to school. I went back and got my Masters in taxation and then I went back again to get my Doctorate in international business and information systems.

What made you want to come here from China?
My family was involved in some political unrest, so I couldn’t attend school. I did very well on the exams but they still wouldn’t let me into a school. My whole family and I moved here so that I could get an education.

What courses do you teach?
Right now I am teaching financial statement analysis and course accounting, and next semester I will be teaching the capstone and advanced auditing. I’ve been teaching all of these courses since I’ve been here.

What is your favorite part about teaching at Marist?
I live on Long Island and I’ve worked at other schools and gone to many other colleges and there’s something different about the student population here. It’s definitely worth the commute three times a week to teach here!

What’s your advice for incoming students?
I would say just prepare as much as possible, but at Marist, we also prepare you a lot. I think we do a pretty good job here. 

Written by Shannon Donohue '17

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