Christina Nicholas

Christina Nicholas is a Business major with a concentration in Human Resources from Canton, CT.

How has Marist helped launch your career?

Marist has offered me unique opportunities to challenge myself. Being a student in the Freshman Florence Experience (at the Marist-LdM campus in Italy) allowed me to develop and identify what exactly my strengths and weaknesses were. I learned that I wanted a job where I’d constantly interact with people and contribute to their personal and professional development. When I returned to the New York campus, the best opportunities were the business-related competitions I participated in - the Mid-Hudson Business Competition, and the Johnson & Johnson Case Competition. This extra interest in business, beyond my courses, also looked great on my resume. They also prepared me for my business capping class where my group had to write and present a strategic analysis of a company in the digital advertising industry and provide a recommendation to an executive. This experience prepared me for a summer internship with Laerdal Medical, which was extended two semesters. After graduation, I will be employed by Amazon. 

Why Human Resources?

I had no firm idea what I wanted to study but business seemed like a good fit, so I rolled with it and it ended up working out pretty well. I'm really happy! 

What is the biggest lesson Marist has taught you?

If you put yourself out there, you'll get just as much back in return. 


Written by Adriana Belmonte '17

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Major: Human Resources
Academic School: Management
Campus: New York